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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  April 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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that comes across national average is not sent at in the big screen a sneak peek at the stars of fruit fell and we have a beautiful picture behind me in the day in you can see the bay bridge in a few low clouds outdoors then we warm up to the '80s by the end of the workweek for the seven forecast coming up and the brand new act plant accident along 11 north bay without means you're morning commute coming up. did police is wednesday april 18th. time now 6:00 and handful of people who survived the 1906 earthquake are helping markets anniversary this morning the quick ended shortly after 5 in the morning 106 years ago today good morning. good morning frank and michelle right behind me there is a special story going on before we get to that's we start off without a day began with a moment of remembrances and
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somber reverence at 511 this morning. nellie said it settled at the moment of silence and as you heard sirens to commemorate the hundred sixth anniversary of the great san francisco quake dozens of san franciscans hot who gathered from the fountain. sundress and cost and police and fire cheesecake of the ceremony through the four known survivors when attendance and afterward the organizers of the batteries on a fountain and attrition to honor the quake and giving them a higher fire hydrants this one in particular is responsible for saving the mission area it was here in 1906 were firefighters and
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volunteers banded together to save their neighborhood from the devastating flames and as we are told you where commemorating the night's mistakes great quake which is that is the worst natural disasters in this nation to st. problem, but also of the worst destruction coming from the flames that the quake ignited 3000 souls loss in half the city's population in 1906 were left homeless we're live on 20 and churchill to they're painting this fire hydrant and that is going on right now but if you do want to see pictures of the quake then and now we have a great leap out our website for a gallery of murder web site that is cbs sf tom lyden mission by a zero divers from that they're looking at several bodies of water in south county they're hoping that finds evidence of the keys of sierra
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lamar the 50 year-old is not been seen for over a month investigators are being very tight lipped out clues from test results of some of the evidence that was previously discovered during the search is the subject during uhaul of film and lack of that is at the station right now at and there's mixed reaction from oakland to writers. most people think it is a good idea that the fed said community so much with the rest of the world and looks like this fella's going to do just adds the hollywood reporter says the movie is going to start filming analyze no word i shall happen here at the fruit fell bart station the movie will chronicle life of 22 year-old oscar grant the final hours of his life specifically from he were shot and killed at the station on newsday to thousand nine captured on this cell phone video bart police officer
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johannas miserly says he misses his gun for a season and didn't issue to grant to this gun according to miserly he was sentenced to two years for involuntary manslaughter and is now free in the incident obviously spread numerous rights and demonstrations are race relations and police brutality and lots of opinions on this film this morning. did weeks at the is it 88 yes. to let the public down justice will did it do its duty. did wait and seems one-sided sometimes the two prismatic to perspectives she is what oscar for moral and help them michael p. jordan is negotiating to play grants he has been 70 shows the wetter director corrupt and oakland and
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graduate of st. mary's back of your life redford film begins a this merrill oscar grants face it was obviously made a big impact yet the station in the east lay and mackovic have no plans to new directors were unanimous in approving the free rides for those 5 to 17 years old crystal looking at the tells of including the definition of low-income also the regional regional transportation commission will pay for those rides 605 let's get you at the door elizabeth is filling in for the birthday boy. but he is going to enjoy it nice day across the bay area hopefully he will see lots of sunshine and temperatures will be even slightly warmer today
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than we saw yesterday '80s are making a comeback by the end of the workweeks the write-downs and a few low clouds and temperatures on: the on the jack this morning 49 in livermore temperatures drop below that is to get close to summarize 51 right now of concord north of the bay area's to your request till see some light rain but as we have high pressures and that means try miles later on this afternoon 7072 and call curtis 73 livermore in places like san francisco and simmer falsetto but every drop in sight partly sunny skies. today and tomorrow so this is just the beginning of a warming trend friday and saturday december jurors reached a peak into the upper 80s and some in the spots and on the back end of the weekend
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breeziness sunshine to the ninth seven days whether the road conditions. did we think elisabeth seized the of a traveler southbound 11 the december fell to linda blocks until further notice 11 central simmer fell exit topic is starting to back up in the area of we're still dealing with from work northbound 11 in busy reverend counted this morning the rest of the day is not doing too bad and mass transit everything is right on time. with the new developments in campaign 2012 from irani has actually close the gap of president obama's and registered voters according to released cbs news the governor is not a dead
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heat with the president both receiving 46 percent the poll was conducted just days after former pennsylvania senator rick santorum suspended his campaign. the city council has restored a law against selling guns address such areas-and no vote was unanimous five to nothing to ban the sales of guns or ammunition for residential property he had such a ban a few years ago but was dropped when setting codes are changed still allows guns to be sold in commercial areas time now is 6 08 new details on the biggest scandal to rock the secret service to study women may have been involved? plus a shocking twist and a student teacher romance that's made headlines the students speak out to cbs. at the likely amount or another object
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welcome back through one 611 hemenez 18 year-old still
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another in together jordan powers but james tucker when she found out about his affair with another student officers arrested the 41 year-old on charges sexually assaulting an 17 year-old girl in that in 1998 the mom says the teacher called her daughter every day when she was gone. charter we just watch your mom today to choose a friendlier back with james r. youtube back together? yes. upper is out until he stood back in court on may 15th inning and an investigator to look into that prostitution scandal the senator break down the scandals at least 20 women were paid to go to the hotel rooms with secret service agents and members of the military as well guess of the men who are now under investigation. today a u.s. senate committee will question leaders of the general services fenestration about allegations a whistle spending
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the been holding hearings on the topics last couple of days the agencies the troubles recently came to light after reports in a big boondoggle down loss that is the cost more than $800,000.10 of the world's richest men died mr. kantor and taking airport screening to the only level one man's naked protest the gsa coming up in doing any schemes here here's your conditions trendless open to the public once again was the some areas of sunshine to get that coverage of: what is open to the public
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let it simmer the top stories on this wednesday some of the few survivors gathered this morning to mark the 106th anniversary of the great san francisco earthquake sirens blaring at 511 this morning the exact time that
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we can't agonizes 6 and this morning a texas woman is been charged with the murder of a fatal shooting of a new mother and an abduction of her sons and happened yesterday near houston newborn was later found safe top diplomat diplomatic officials the united states and nato meeting in belgium this week to discuss details of pulling troops from afghanistan meanwhile the l.a. times says it just to these photos there reportedly show u.s. service members posing with the bodies of dead insurgence in afghanistan the military says the investigation is underway. of course that comes after a show at 7:00 a.m. checking whether headlines across the bay partly cloudy skies starred and multiform later on this afternoon seems like will stay that way through the end of the week warmer days ahead so actually we are just beginning a warming trend across the bay area satellite and radar shows
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consistent is the north of the bay area and by july pressure which brings the amount of warm temperatures rise guys selling areas of northern california of not as close to home '70s policy by later this afternoon 73 in santa clara said as saying seventy in and sam is hail once again widespread '70s across the east bay as well 75 out and burn when it and it looks like a low to mid 70's and woman creek danville it will be a little cooler across parts of the coast on medicine the database in the low 60s as well as tens of beach 65 degrees by a later on this afternoon sell we don't have a raindrop at all later the 70 forecasters look over the next seven days of the senate skies today notice that i temperatures to slowly increase as the work we continues friday
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and saturday we reached a peak with us temperatures in the '80s making a comeback cell will reach into the upper 80s and has jumped those numbers up by few degrees in the last 24 hours sunny skies and a lawyer for the back end of the weekend. as a check for what they're more attractive get janet we're getting reports from chp of a new wreck just as he approached the toll plaza of the did attend the meeting rights as a result your seen delays coming up the easter freeway as he had examined all sell extra time needed their south 11 the good news is absent now cleared out of lanes the bad news is damage is done slowly on the southbound side of the 11 want to get past the wreck headed toward the golden gate bridge conditions look like this in san francisco
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and elsewhere was found 92 this access on affected your return vehicle in the meantime traffic gets by alternately selling the san mateo bridge itself not doing too bad this morning 13 minutes between 81 01 west of 580 release are is that that 90 minutes now to regulate to that commute westbound have reform slowing go through any of. they look at the south bay company few minutes. 16 and canada passenger's been blamed on a sleepy pilot in happened in january of last year canada's transportation safety board report says that saudi pilot look up from a nap and mistook the planet planet venus for another plane he then many
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sudden as i believe he is avoiding a collision. i was literally thrown at my seat in slammed into the ceiling. the report says some of those injured or a seat belt the palace let for more than an hour standard procedure is less than 40 minutes of sleep followed by 50 minutes to properly wake up before taking the controls lose the senate to take all the clothes off his naked protests prompted travelers to whip up their cameras in portland international officers arrested john brennan many refuse to disclose back on his problem is airport screeners were harassing him the fourth clues crews to shut down screening lanes. the missing passport is time that the deportation of osama bin laden family of his wives and nine children are expected to be deported from pakistan to saudi
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arabia today that in detention since the raid killed and lost nearly a year ago 621 right now a very music event bringing in the big names and the rock stars taking over the outside lance festival coming up and there came crashing in,,,,,,,,,,
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of the wealthiest. if men the world has reveals yes prostate cancer he said in a letter yesterday cancer is in its early stages in doctors' plan started to and radiation treatments in the july and i will restrict his travel belforts and to retire as chairman and ceo of berkshire hathaway will find out to was that women made a mistake or $280 million this morning it is the final person to jump out lottery officials will make the announcement in the town of red blood which has a population of 3700 to whether or sold those states allow winners sold synonymous the light is not and she's about to come a very popular person a realities he starred says she plans to pursue a future in politics came crashing and has decided to run for mayor and some she plans to
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buy a house that glendale's man is judge in my nomination a majority vote by the city council. crashing is that there are many in dissent and a quarter of the population is armenian and she has to be part of city council for she run for mayor system better get busy. in the five years. level lot to do. cheese a businesswoman she does that. in 626 right now 7 the brakes on california's bullet train had the newest criticism may kill the project coming up rescuing a gray whale of the california coast the tangled mess that is all caught up in. today the city commemorate the 106th anniversaries of the great san francisco earthquake will play the story of a fire hydrant that could it in the killing of mostar grant,,,,
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wednesday april 18th nearly 613 l is a day to remember what of
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the biggest event in veery history the devastating 1906 earthquake struck 106 years ago this morning kid is that one of the observances and san francisco were a lot of people shot at this morning. a lot of people got up early in the hours to honor the day in to honor april 18th to 19 1/6 sedalia refuses to forget the day to adopt at the moment of remembrance and somber reverence at 511 this morning. and start of them all sirens and the commemorative the great quake doesn't the san franciscans and people who wanted to on the day will come up in the early hours and gather around the fountain some dressed up in costume to really capture the area near ed leigh anne san francisco please and fire chiefs kicked off the ceremony the three of the four known survivors were in attendance and after organizers
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played out a wreath on the fountain of in a few moments ago were revised 27 church street that the finishing touches on many hydrants here is another tradition 21 the quake in dolores park is called the building of a fire hydrant and is willing not often that is to be recognized as one fire hydrant is when a particular is is possible for sale in the mission district it was here in 1906 firefighters and volunteers band together to save their neighbors had from the devastating flames that great quake of 1906 is not as one of the worst natural disasters in the nation's history the worst of the destruction coming from the fires that the quake ignited the 3000 souls were lost than half the city's population in 1906 were left homeless if you go to our web site you can get a good luck of a picture of then and now of the great quake of 1906 but cbs says seth dot, where live back to you. deadweight santa clara
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county sheriff's divers are revisiting some bodies of water in the search for missing morgan hill teenagers earmark the been looking in several south county reservoirs and ponds for evidence the 50 year-old hasn't been seen for more than a month now meanwhile investigators remain tight-lipped running close they came from test results of evidence previously discovered their taking over the investigation into the deadly accident five people are presumed dead after the act. crashed in the fair lawn islands during the race the islands are part of the city and county of the differences go. the last moments of oscar grant's life will be to trade on the big screen and mackovic is that the station he talked with some of the board passengers to get their take on new projects. good morning and. good morning the story obviously huge impact on our community since oscar grant died
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in 2009 right here at the effort failed bart station and the movie will put to the last hours of his life and also his struggle to improve his life before his death the 22 year-old from hayward was shot and killed here the station on new year's day 2009 infamously captured on cell phone video and a modest as lee says he mistake and has gone for his taser and was sentenced to two years for involuntary manslaughter and is now free this incident those parts of rights and demonstrations over race relations assemblies brutality of the opinions your decision on this feature film. i think would be a great thing. think it would be a great thing. to tell the story away happened i guess. we're told
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that he dispensed spencer will play his mother and michael b. jordan is negotiating to the grand he's been the tv shows for an egg whites and the wire the writer-director the film is reportedly grew corrupt and oakland and graduated from st. mary's college ram: burke back i here live in the effort fell apart station you can see the mural with oscar grants face is another example of how he's really affected people here in this area of navistar will be shared with the world coming is set to begin july we're not sure where the bell if they will build a set that looks like the bart station and are filled to right here by suv. and medical marijuana dispensary recently targeted by federal raid is set to announce its future plans today which calls itself oak st. and university will have a news conference planned for later this morning agents from the irs the u.s. marshals and the a all carried out that rate a few weeks ago knew this hour with
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them more about the texas woman charged with murder in a bizarre baby snatching incident the reduction was apparently been to adopt a dutch auction some witnesses said in arguments broke out in the new mother and another woman that is when the woman shot the mother and then snatched the three day old baby boy the woman fled the scene within minutes, the newborn was found safe about six hours later. the secret service as an independent government investigator will look into prostitution scandal in south america to sutter breathed on the scandal says 20 women were paid to go to the hotel rooms with secret service agents and members of the military the u.s. senate committee will begin hearing allegations of wasteful spending by the gsa eight house committee has been holding hearings on the topic the past
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couple of days the agencies troubles candlelight that cost taxpayers more than $800,000 a pose nude bodies of dead insurgence in afghanistan top military officials condemned the action of the soldiers cbs this morning will a live report from the pentagon coming up the 7:00 a.m. if the debt he in the race for the white house according to a just released news york times poll that romney has close the gap with president obama's among registered voters but is hitting 46 percent the poll was conducted days after birth santorum suspended his campaign. and you know when lawrence take today off is likely a good day whether why this and that he hit the jackpot. . that could be
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whatever were arrested this week. here's a beautiful sunrise behind me this is a live look at the sun that is reflecting of those high clouds and a look was a pretty spectacular sunrise straight out of the other producers mouth because the lot of oranges and being so the next half-hour sell at that time comes at temperatures out the door mostly in the '40's and low 50's 53 in oakland 48 right now and not of and 46 degrees and sandras sl by this afternoon will warm things up temperatures will actually be when two or five degrees above average so sunny skies dry weather and this is just the beginning of what is said to be warming trend across the bay area cell was a little looks like for your seven day forecast coming up in a few minutes in the meantime the
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stock rose in the morning commute. we're dealing with a minor fender bender approach in the bay bridge toll plaza that is now been cleared out of planes and is often cited still slow and dull but by tehran and the traffic is starting to be saw this coming off the freeway of the delays the was to get past the inclined south in december fell this exit is clear to the right shoulder is still sluggish as your to recruit the moribund that roadwork is also wrapped up all of it and believe in both directions for this overturn the vehicle in the clearing his days in a new report at highway 35 and lost status. a few cars of of this accident also are all sitting drop in that area of in south bay one of our nice box 11 pesetas a but that is typical in the morning and not everything is looking to that area here's a look at traffic in the report says it's best not to cut your losses matt edwards joins us
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live by the phone right now to explain why the legislative analyst's office says this is not going to work morning. this report comes days of the high-speed rail board approved a new business plan for the project did state the state billions of the price at about $30 billion and now the state's top analysts are saying not a fast and a 10 page analysis the non-partisan legislative analyst's office says the high- speed rail system relies on " the highly speculative federal funding and that is to be basically stops the offices to urge the legislature to reject gov. brown's request of $40.7 billion in state bonds to get the project started in central valley we talked to dan richard stillman of a high-speed drill bored with told us the business of analysts is wrong to think that all the project's $68 billion in funding needs to be identified before any attack is
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delayed. we respectfully disagree with the analysts commented that this is it will all the money identified the next 20 years with the notes transportation projects as ever had an opposite and that somehow we to go forward with the this is wrong. it began hearings this morning of the governor is thunder requested final decision by lawmakers to be delayed until this summer this report though, it gives political cover to lawmakers who are already against the project to reject what could be the state's largest public works projects in state history that is the latest mac but it is video six of putting out a compromise is reached on the free bus rides for young people here in san francisco may directors voted unanimously to allow low-income children ages 5 to 17 to ride the free the price side is expected to be more than $9
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million brought the years. it was the regional metropolitan transportation commission to pay those rides. salome's ready to hand out free rides drivers are being as the pep likely in january commuters will logger be freed on sunday is also 500 m are going to be installed and citations are going up the board of supervisors last developer of of those changes and get into one of sentences does most popular attractions has gotten a little more expensive to develop the had the various services goes into about today the increase will allow only the new purchases of first rate increase in more than three years as the club promised promises you you'll see that the tripple mobile park attendance is as rich and district anymore the bus along to the club in north beach but the big part to the area of about a month the local
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supervisor of fought to keep the bus at the areas and their schools and libraries nearby he says the club is that steer clear in the bus is actually on its way to vegas. a clothing store is facing a backlash this morning it is plain and reads now is time to get tanked the say promotes illegal binge drinking and parental protests outside the store at the shopping mall this afternoon. tonneaus 642 diet dangers elis musicians planning to perform. listed below the the early returns and ♪
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resume rest cure. operations this morning for a 40 ft. gray well off the coast experts say the animal is being health get tangled up in fishing line during today's rescue efforts. metallica stevie wonder their going to have line of the
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biggest musical trends for here and san francisco the outside lands music festival returns in august 60,000 people attended last year's festival tickets for the event go on sale tomorrow and start at $195 but what a bargain look at lots of bands and other big gaps and outside landed with the firefighters million increase the worst singer will be on him and regina specter final the complete lineup all you have to do is good website at cbs sf thought,. look at a mall right there. it sounds forget. and metallica. mildred to let? it will be as high as well as your packing the actor palance today would be a good day to do it all week long we're expecting a nice warm temperatures and could see the warmest temperatures so far this year if we actually get to the
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appraisal here's what the headlines across the bay area partly cloudy start so we're seeing a few clouds out the door but by this afternoon mild to warmer the aptitude for most and warm days and had to wear on tap here for a warming trend satellite and radar is cynicism rain showers to ukiah and dressed in the bay area rains i say no. and that high as building moving in and this kind of resting here will make in all the material for the next several days saw widespread '70s today it is similar story in bright light coming in as 75 degrees by 74 mama creek and will be cooler across the coast 61 am database but otherwise across the bay on lotus mid to upper 60s and this is like berkeley alan csi here's your forecast the next several days
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partly sunny warmouth the measures this afternoon a similar story may be warmer on thursday and check out the numbers by friday and saturday these are making a comeback and will more months to the upper 80s by friday and saturday said is that the day as far as the center's count in the back end of the weekend we cool slightly but still remain dry continuing its next workweek back to check whether i know john is says things are getting busy on the roads we have a typical morning commutes plus a couple accidents brewing personal here's a live look at conditions on 580 westmont mr. volume is still moving ok as you go to the dublin interchange just east of there as we head over to our maps traffic is starting to stock up and 20 sealant's there'll san mateo bridge not doing that one of the bright spots right now and a little foggy last night to go and still deliver the accidents involving injuries and overturned vehicles trying to completely clear this
6:49 am
off right now traffic resulting in both directions so there are words of delays in the area also new reporter in moscow those highway 34 at five it black robe alternating traffic there is well westmont 2 3/7 to accept as the mercury to 80 it looks like the morning commute is heating up there as well an earlier accident to the bay bridge that is now going to be cleared up the damage is done in your back up beyond 880 at this point texture volume and san francisco traffic is welcome at a partly into rebel as you had on the west on side of the freeway towards the bay bridge and taking a look at the golden gate bridge not bad in san francisco's south 11 percent fell remain slow from an earlier accident fell mass transit that's my suggestion earnings reports from a couple silicon valley giants show mixed results let's talk about it is in a box
6:50 am
kcbs cbs money watch not, joins us down with the board. the morning frank michelle the tech center played a major role in today's trading on wall street after another yawn let intel to the bigger ones out there in each did top expectations despite mixed results beyond his profit is up 20% and 2 and $23 million however intel did still topped expectations he added japan and ali baba from gaining even bigger share of the pc market with its chips for intel going forward in getting its chips into more wireless viruses upland samsung have been battling each other around the world over patent infringement claims over tablets and smart phones and now a federal judge
6:51 am
in says they says two sides have agreed to it settlement talks with the hopes of debating one soda settlements within 90 days stock market coming off of its best session in about a month over rising optimism europe the dollar was lower by 59 points nasdaq is up by three the s&p is down by four points the shares had a nice day that 3% intel meanwhile is down by a 2 1/2% patio. think so much is 61 now california will tested hiv prevention tell it is called to via and used to treat patients who already have the virus. harris people and have it will cost about $26 a day in the price makes economic sense and your board said the ailing
6:52 am
between tosses them in your report says the sites make it more difficult for the body to eliminate toxic chemicals that may increase the risk of autism and other health problems researchers recommended that a pregnant women and children time now for a look at what's coming up later this morning we did all of kicking it joins us live from new york with the very latest on the big show. good morning. i like that frank the big show this will be at the big show? the biggest. and michelle. worse taking you to washington when nation's top military leaders are scrambling to respond to new photos published this morning of u.s. troops posed with said insurgents in afghanistan and only on cbs this morning on the big show where charlie rose a strong word from john bitter your hear about the moment he says when president obama's loss
6:53 am
discourage those stories and more coming up at 7:00. did we think is a much cbs this morning remember is that the 7:00 an old guy " one game last night is only 49 of that old and baseball lanny's a left-hander trevor when a ball game in the big leagues seven innings for the cold water rockies it was this tulare's 68 career when 34th on the all-star list and had a little surgery last year and tapir off but back in the major leagues his legend which is probably why he still plane. did we is not that old. i would agree. marking the 106th anniversary of the,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car. continue this morning marking the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake cases in san francisco for this morning's events good morning. good morning today in the bay area community gathered for
6:57 am
a monumental event in our history. and started the moment of silence and sirens,
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